CSS translate and z-index problems in Safari browser

When using transform: translate() on a parent element and its child elements requires specific z-index properties, Safari somehow resets/ignores the z-index(es) of the child elements. Since translate() repositions an element only in the x and y axis, most of us assume that the z axis position should remain unaffected when using the function. However, Safari … Read more

Caldera Forms – Setting up Conditional Logic based on a post’s taxonomy term

I was trying to set up the following using Caldera Forms’ Conditional Group. This log is based on Caldera Forms 1.7.2. In my form, I needed a Select field X that was auto populated with a list of every post of a custom post type. This can be easily achieved by selecting ‘Auto Populate’ and … Read more

Coffee Experiments with Pascal Press

I have been trying to brew different coffee with the Pascal Press, so I’m jotting down notes so I can get more consistency. Equipment: Pascal Press Coffee: CMCR Espresso Blend from Common Man Coffee Roasters Coffee Weight: 15 grams Grind Size: Medium Fine Brew Method: Using the bottom of the silicon grip sleeve as the … Read more

Changing ‘Stock Availability’ Text for Product Variations

This documents one method to change the ‘Stock Availability’ text for Woocommerce Product Variations. My requirement was that when a Product Variation was selected by the user on the frontend, in the following instances I wanted to show the corresponding availability text: Available: ‘[number] units available for your purchase.’ instead of the default ‘Available’. Out … Read more

Querying Custom Post Types with Page Navigation on Front Page

I was experimenting with displaying custom post types on the front page of a wordpress site using various methods. I had first tried using get_posts(), but it couldn’t deal with pagination. The next alternative was to use WP_Query(). At first I had tried to implement this in the home.php template, but next_posts_link() returned an error … Read more

Using WordPress Media Uploader (wp.media)

I am writing this post as of WordPress 4.0, so this has nothing to with the ‘thickbox’ implementation in older versions of WordPress. It has been a long while since the new media library was implementated, but it has not been widely documented. Tom McFarlin has written quite a comprehensive series titled Getting Started with … Read more

Adding Custom Styles Dropdown in WordPress TinyMCE Editor

I have been trying out a WordPress plugin called WP Code Prettify to make code snippets on this website look more presentable. Previously, I was simply using <pre> or <code> tags without any styling and it was difficult to read. Well, WP Code Prettify will automatically style all <pre> or <code> tags specified with the … Read more

Next and previous post link in same custom taxonomy

Until now, if you use next_post_link(‘%link’, ‘%title’, true) or previous_post_link(‘%link’, ‘%title’, true) to get the adjacent post for a custom post type which has a taxonomy assigned to it, it doesn’t work as intended. This is because these two functions are based on get_adjacent_post() which is hardcoded to look to the taxonomy ‘category’. So hard … Read more