Coffee Experiments with Pascal Press

I have been trying to brew different coffee with the Pascal Press, so I’m jotting down notes so I can get more consistency.

Equipment: Pascal Press

Coffee: CMCR Espresso Blend from Common Man Coffee Roasters

Coffee Weight: 15 grams

Grind Size: Medium Fine

Brew Method:
Using the bottom of the silicon grip sleeve as the guide for the final pour limit, divide the brew into 4 equal pours over a 15secs time span each. For each pour, let it steep for 15 secs. So, each pour-steep totals a 30secs time span; 4 pour-steeps totals 2 mins. Lastly, insert the inner cup and press over a time span of 15-20 secs.

A quick brew, smooth, mildly sweet – without having to be late for work for the sake of good coffee.

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