Converting HTML entities to characters

I was trying to use WordPress post titles as email subject headers in such a way:

$subject = get_the_title();
wp_mail( $to, $subject, $message);

However this became a problem when the post title included smart quotes, em-dash, ellipsis and the likes of them. My email subject ended up looking like this:

Hey – This is my Post’s Title

where it should have been:

Hey - This is my Post's Title

Well, I solved this by using the php function html_entity_decode before sending the $subject to wp_mail():

$subject = html_entity_decode( get_the_title(), ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8' )

ENT_QUOTES denotes converting both double and single quotes. The last parameter defines the character set – it is set as UTF-8 since smart quotes and em-dashes are part of the UTF-8 set.

5 thoughts on “Converting HTML entities to characters”

  1. Hi and thanks for the tip. Found it while searching for a solution to my problem. Implemented your code and that fixed the problem.
    Tip: Add some tags so more people can find you post like ‘wp_mail’, ‘garbled text’, ‘unicode’

  2. This is especially helpful if you are doing WPDB queries. For some reason, even though the output was correct, the query would result in nothing unless the ‘get_the_title()’ was properly decoded before passing through the query.

    Great tip!


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